Experience the power of confession.


The Broken Silence Conference features authentic storytelling, messages of hope, entertainment to lift the soul and transformative teaching from Anne Beiler on the power of confession.


We are women. We are strong, courageous, and brave. But we are also defeated, stuck in pain, and living below our potential. Our experiences in life have left us wounded, hoping and praying for escape from the chaos we hide deep inside.

It’s time to rise above the “same old, same old” acceptance of defeat and tap into the power of confession to live a fulfilling life of purpose and freedom. It’s time to break our silence.

You have a story, made up of good and bad, that has shaped you into the woman you are. The Broken Silence Conference will help you learn how to live a Lifestyle of Confession, leading to freedom in your life. As we openly share our stories, our lives will begin to change from the inside out, helping us find healing from our past and hope for our future.


The Broken Silence Conference is an experience rooted in acceptance and grace. We believe in bringing your authentic self so that you can find authentic freedom through confession.

TRANSPARENT Storytelling

Each conference features a curated selection of speakers that share openly and honestly about their stories, including the hard and hopeful experiences. We intentionally select a variety of speakers that have experienced a variety of situations in their life.

Powerful Teaching

Anne Beiler leads the charge as our primary speaker, sharing from her own experiences of overcoming pain, blame, and shame. She will teach on the power of confession and walk you through the process of living a lifestyle of confession. There are additional speakers that teach on various topics relevant to our community.

Uplifting Entertainment

We believe in the power of laughter to soothe a soul so, at each conference, we work to incorporate components that bring laughter and entertainment as we work through hard and challenging issues.

Inspirational Music

Each conference features a selection of artists and musicians that bring hope through music. We feature a variety of music styles and genres. Each individual conference date will list artist joining us for that event.

Accepting Community

The Broken Silence community is built on honesty, transparency, and acceptance. We don’t judge each other or the situations in our lives. We aren’t there to try and “fix” you. We’re a support network rooted in love that understands the depths of despair you’re feeling and want to create a safe place to begin working on it.


Our hope is that you leave transformed, with a new community and tools to help you continue living a life of confession. Telling your story is the first step towards transformation and freedom, but our desire is for ongoing change and growth in each one of us.


Session 1: Stuck In the Dark

We all experience situations in life, sometimes traumatic, that cause us to go into a darkness of the soul. We get stuck in our pain, start to blame everything and everyone, and let the shame take over. We become filled with secrets that we vow never to share. In this session, you will learn about how we get stuck in life and the lies that keep us in the dark.

Session 2: Overcoming Pain, Blame, and Shame

Very often, the darkness we find ourselves stuck in lead us to places of pain, blame, and shame. In this session, we tackle these three issues from the inside out and how when left unchecked, our stories become tainted with each one of these destructive areas.

Session 3: The Power of Confession

There is a way to freedom in our lives and it’s found in confession. In this session, we teach women about the three types of confession and how to share your stories. We dive into the ways to continue in an ongoing lifestyle of confession.

What Other Women Are Saying

"I've learned how to replace feelings of anxiety, worry, and depression with feelings of peace, joy, and hope. The sweet taste of freedom and victory is, oh so much better than the bitter dregs of bondage and defeat!"


“I have learned to meet people where they are. Now, I truly understand what grace is and I extend it as much as I can. When you hear someone’s story it is impossible to be judgmental towards them because you understand them better.”


“I have been working for years to overcome and repair the wounds of my abusive childhood. Telling my story in a safe environment has been the most freeing thing I've ever done. I have learned that my story defines who I am & I'm proud of who I am.”



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“Free yourself, like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter, like a bird from the snare of the fowler.”


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