Break your silence.

Discover events and resources that empower women to share their stories and experience the freedom that comes from a lifestyle of confession.


Every woman experiences situations in her life that fill her with secrets, steal her voice, and strip her of a purpose. She lives in silence, hoping—praying—she will find a way out. It’s only through breaking the silence that she breaks the strongholds.

Share Your Story

Confession begins with sharing your story. You must talk about the situations in life—good and bad—that have shaped and brought you to where you are today. After that, you can begin to live a lifestyle of transparency.

Find Your Voice

Situations from your past often break us. You become silent. You’re afraid to speak. Confession helps you find the courage within to share your life authentically and truthfully. In that process, you find your voice.

Discover Your Purpose

When the situations from your past keep you stuck, you can never fully embrace the present. By sharing your story, you begin to find freedom from past situations, allowing you to take responsibility for yourself and discover your purpose.


The Broken Silence Conference brings women together for authentic storytelling, uplifting entertainment, and transformative teaching from Auntie Anne Beiler on the power of confession.


STORIESX8 is a small group experience that guides women through the journey of sharing their stories, finding freedom in the process, and living the lifestyle of confession.

“Satan builds his strongholds in the secrets of our lives and reinforces them by silence. When we break the silence, we break the stronghold.”


A New View of Confession

Confession is a concept that has been around since the beginning of time. But today, confession is often connected to punishment or sin. We have to confess our sins to a priest or confess our wrongdoing (our guiltiness) in a trial. It’s become tainted by modern culture, leaving many to even fear the word.

It’s time for a new view of confession. One that isn’t rooted in guilt, but grace. A view that removes the stigma and introduces incredible benefits. Our definition of confession simply means to break your silence. Confession means sharing your story. Your struggles. Your success. And doing it over and over again. It’s really quite simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Living a lifestyle of confession isn’t a once and done act. You begin by talking about your past but then you continue sharing your struggles in the present. If you want to truly experience the benefits of confession and the change that it can bring, you have to do the hard work of confessing over and over again.

To understand confession on a deeper level, we encourage you to attend a conference, join a STORIESX8 Small Group, and watch Anne’s TEDx talk about confession.

What Other Women Are Saying

"I've learned how to replace feelings of anxiety, worry, and depression with feelings of peace, joy, and hope. The sweet taste of freedom and victory is oh-so-much better than the bitter dregs of bondage and defeat!"


“I have learned to meet people where they are. Now, I truly understand what grace is and I extend it as much as I can. When you hear someone’s story, it is impossible to be judgmental towards them because you understand them better.”


“I have been working for years to overcome and repair the wounds of my abusive childhood. Telling my story in a safe environment has been the most freeing thing I've ever done. I have learned that my story defines who I am and I'm proud of who I am.”


Meet Our Founder

Meet our founder Anne Beiler. She is best known as Auntie Anne, the founder of the worlds largest pretzel franchise. However, her journey towards success was riddled with defeat, despair, and darkness.


Learn how you can get involved with a movement that is empowering women to break their silence.

Host a Conference

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STORIESX8 brings the Broken Silence model of confession to small groups. The curriculum is best suited for groups of eight (although not required) and lasts for eight weeks. Learn more about what the Small Group Kit includes and sign up to be among the first to know about the release of our new workbook coming in 2018.


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